Innovating since 1998

Datalink is an innovator with with over 15 years of experience in creating and supporting powerful industry-leading internet applications and mobile apps. We have delivered hundreds of successful projects for business, enterprise and government clients Australia-wide, and are expanding internationally.

A proven development partner

Datalink was founded in 1998 to develop business systems that run using internet technologies.

Its first few years saw rapid growth in web-based application development, and while other Internet companies failed during the dot com crash in 2001, Datalink remained strong.

By 2005, Datalink's products and services such as Freestyler, Concord and MemberDrive had become a popular in the Australian marketplace particularly among associations, non-profit organisations, local government and financial services industries. Many of Datalink's clients maintained strong business relationships with some exceeding 10 years, continuing to find Datalink a trusted and proven development partner.

In 2008 Datalink developed the first version of Crisisworks, which has now grown to be the Australian market leader in emergency management software. Crisisworks expanded to incorporate additional state projects including Post Impact Assessment and Recovery, Vulnerable Persons Registers and Fire Prevention Register. Other software developed in this period includes CommunityView and Zeevo.

In 2011, based on the growing success of its products, Datalink stopped accepting new custom software projects, and in 2014 it ceased providing hourly-rate software development services at all, instead focussing exclusively on building and commercialising its own software.

Innovative technology

Datalink's in-house development framework provides an environment to encourage and support rapid development with quality control, and is based on leading open-source projects spanning web, mobile and server technologies.

A great place to work

Datalink is a great place to work.

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