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  1. Mobile Rapid Impact Reporting

    Posted 18 July 2012 by Scott Davey (Crisisworks)

    Datalink have developed a new mobile reporting app for Crisisworks, which runs on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

    The app allows for on-the-ground rapid-impact and post-impact reporting, whether ...

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  2. What's my speed?

    Posted 14 September 2011 by Scott Davey (Scott Davey)

    I'm sure the Holden Cruze was designed and built by engineers that never actually drove any prototypes of the car they designed.  It may have even been designed by engineers that have never driven any car.

    It is so bad it makes a great lesson to every engineer that wants to build a great product.

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  3. MECC Central Overview

    Posted 25 August 2011 by Scott Davey (Datalink)

    In response to requests for the presentation I have prepared a short 15 minute overview video below.  

    Its an abridged version of the 5 hour roadshow session.

    (Note: Those from councils who ...

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  4. Optimising websites for mobile and desktop browsers

    Posted 22 July 2011 by Scott Davey (Datalink)

    With one in ten users of your website now viewing form their mobile phone, it is not longer enough to just be accessible on mobile devices - now it's time to actively design and build your website to ...

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  5. Testing using web browser automation

    Posted 21 July 2011 by Scott Davey (Datalink)

    Datalink uses a mix of testing strategies to increase the quality of our software releases.

    One of techniques we use is web brower automation, which allows us to record and play back interactive ...

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    Web Browser Automation

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  6. Recruitment Software website launched

    Posted 20 May 2011 by Sean Fishlock (Datalink)

    Developing a complex website for a software company is always an interesting exercise.  For one, there is always an industry point of reference by which your processes and methodology can be ...

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    FastTrack website new homepage
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  7. Is your CMS multi-site capable ?

    Posted 16 April 2011 by Sean Fishlock (Datalink)

    A recent survey by CMS Wire found that the majority of content management systems (CMS) out there, particularly the popular open source ones, are single site oriented.    What does this ...

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    Multi-site management at the NTEU
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