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  1. Environmental Health Practitioners Australia Symposium

    Posted 8 October 2012 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

    On Friday I visited the Environmental Health Practitioners Australia symposium at Crown in Melbourne on invitation to present to the forum.  My presentation was on the benefits of technology for ...

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  2. PIAR Emergency Recovery project exercise

    Posted 7 December 2011 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to present to a large delegation of emergency managers representing five local coucils from western Victoria (City of Ballarat, Hepburn Shire Council, Pyrenees Shire ...

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  3. Hitting the road with MECC Central - LGIT Conference and Regional Information Sessions

    Posted 10 August 2011 by Sean Fishlock (Datalink)

    A big few weeks ahead for Datalink as we hit the road for the MECC Central emergency management software rollout to Victorian councils.

    We've been busy preparing over the last few weeks for the ...

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  4. 68 Victorian councils to use Datalink's MECC Central for emergency management

    Posted 27 June 2011 by Sean Fishlock (Datalink)

    Datalink has been endorsed by the Municipal Association of Victoria to supply a web based emergency management system, MECC Central, to its member councils.  68 have already signed its joint ...

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    MECC Central 2 incident dashboard
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  5. City of Ballarat becomes MECC Central "hub"

    Posted 3 June 2011 by Sean Fishlock (Datalink)

    The City of Ballarat has become the latest foundation partner for MECC Central 2.0, selecting the software for its emergency and recovery management.

    Unlike other councils using the system, ...

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    Ballarat MECC Central
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