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  1. 69 Victorian councils to use MECC Central

    Posted 28 September 2011 by Scott Davey (Crisisworks)

    After the conclusion of a very successful roadshow and webinar series, 69 Victorian councils have signed up to use MECC Central beginning November, for a five year initial term.

    I'd like to extend a ...

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  2. What's my speed?

    Posted 14 September 2011 by Scott Davey (Scott Davey)

    I'm sure the Holden Cruze was designed and built by engineers that never actually drove any prototypes of the car they designed.  It may have even been designed by engineers that have never driven any car.

    It is so bad it makes a great lesson to every engineer that wants to build a great product.

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  3. MAV project council sign-up numbers reaches important milestone

    Posted 2 September 2011 by Sean Fishlock (Datalink)

    Over 24 councils are now MECC Central councils.  The take up through the Municipal Association of Victoria's shared buying agreement has been encouraging with overall interest from the regional ...

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