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  1. Vulnerable Persons Registers (VPR) gain Momentum

    Posted 29 April 2013 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

    Launched just a few months ago, the Vulnerable Persons Registers (VPR), an initiative of the Victorian Department of Human Services and Municipal Association of Victoria has now been rolled out to ...

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    The VPR makes it easy for authorised users to locate vulnerable persons in an emergency
  2. CommunityView 2.1 Release

    Posted 22 April 2013 by Sean Fishlock (CouncilView)

    We're very excited to announce the release of CommunityView 2.1, scheduled for this week, which makes it an even greater tool for organisations to engage their local communities across web and ...

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    A preview of CommunityView's new native Android interface
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