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PDL site gets a tweak

Posted 19 August 2009 by Sean Fishlock (Datalink)

The Pharmaceutical Defence Limited site was launched in 2007 and it has been going well.  A couple of years later the signs of age were beginning to show, with some content and e-services initiatives added along the line in a more or less ad-hoc fashion.  However it is the sort of company site that serves a purpose, it wasn't quite past its use by date and the basic corporate identity hasn't changed.

So Datalink worked with PDL to go over the site with a fine tooth comb, streamlining the navigation based on user trends picked up in useful tools like Google Analytics, including page hot spots as well as surveying the key users (members).  This helped us to see what parts of the original site worked and didn't worked and we performed a thorough content audit and information architecture review using wireframe designs.

The result were some subtle changes to information architecture, main menu, the layout and navigation aimed at greatly enhancing the site and making it easier for users.  We created some nice clear buttons for joining, reporting incidents and FAQs.  Some new search engine optimisations were also employed. We also did some template tweaking to make deep-linked pages more effective landing pages and easier to navigate.

Before Image - before
After Image - after
Click to zoom

Hard to spot the differences, while there is always work to do the feedback from users has been very positive and we believe that we've effectively increased the life expectancy of the website by at least a year or more.


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