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Optimising websites for mobile and desktop browsers

Posted 22 July 2011 by Scott Davey (Datalink)

With one in ten users of your website now viewing form their mobile phone, it is not longer enough to just be accessible on mobile devices - now it's time to actively design and build your website to support mobile and small screen devices.

Datalink uses a technique called responsive design to build websites that are optimised for both large and small screen sizes, along with using cross-browser and cross-device technologies to ensure content is available and the user experience is maximised on all browsers. 

Sean has blogged about this previously, but today I have a short video shows how responsive design adjusts a website to fit into both desktop and mobile browsers simultaneously.

As its name suggests, responsive design begins in the design phase of a project.  That said, it is sometimes possible to retrofit an existing website to be mobile optimised.

Contact Datalink if you would like to learn how we can make your website mobile optimised.

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