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Optimising Plan's Sponsor a Child Landing Page

Posted 20 June 2011 by Sean Fishlock (Datalink)

Datalink have recently re-implemented Plan International Australia's "Sponsor a Child" landing page to increase conversions and optimise the donation funnel.

Visually the content takes up much less screen real estate.  A prominent animated content slider replaces a static hero image.  The slider is overlaid with a sponsor message and the whole panel directly relates to the primary online call to action - the Country/Gender/Age selection sponsorship widget. The secondary call to action, phoning Plan is also highlighted.

The page itself sells the benefits of child sponsorship and the benefits of working with Plan and central to the page is a streaming video clip which loads over the page in a large "lightbox" for the visually minded.  

It now has its own microsite structure using tabs including "Being a Sponsor" and "Success Stories". An expandable Frequently Asked Qustions, itself an innovative feature has been put in its own tab and reverted to a more traditional and intuitive format.

The new page is also search engine optimised and integrated with Google's conversion tracking and Analytics facilities.

The before and after results can be seen below.

Before Image - before
After Image - after
Click to zoom


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