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MECC Central nominated for Resilient Australia Awards

Posted 15 August 2012 by Scott Davey (Datalink)

Since the successful launch and rollout of MECC Central across Victoria, MECC Central has recently been nominated for the 2012 Resilient Australia Awards.

The Resilient Australia Awards are sponsored by the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department, in conjunction with the states and territories.

They recognise innovative practices and achievements across the nation that are making our communities safer, stronger, more resilient and better prepared to manage any emergency situation.

The awards cover all aspects of community safety in the context of building disaster resilience including:

  • risk assessment
  • research
  • education and training
  • information and knowledge management, and
  • prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

Each award category is judged at State and Territory level, excluding the Federal agencies category. Federal agencies category entries are included in judging for the National awards. State and Territory winners are forwarded to the national coordinator for judging as finalists for the National Awards.

MECC Central has made it easier for local governments to manage risk, respond to emergencies and help the community to recover, so we are hopeful to be recognised in the upcoming awards.


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