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Decipha website launched

Posted 28 October 2010 by Sean Fishlock (Datalink)

I'm really pleased that last year the marketing manager from a company called Decipha (a business of Australia Post), James, approached Datalink to redevelop their website and put his faith in us to be the company's long term development partner and deliver a good outcome. 

Well its been a number of months in the planning but the Decipha website ( has been launched and I'm personally very happy with it.  I thought I'd briefly point out some of the visual and technical achievements of the project.

Decipha Website Homepage

Our web designer did a great job with the creative, taking the client brief and developing a design to very strict corporate style guidelines.  After several iterations the new design I feel achieves a clean contemporary look.  Our designer also put the HTML together and while you can't make it perfect for every browser, the site works well in most.  Each service was accompanied by an icon, and these icons, in combination, tell a story about the sort of custom solutions that Decipha deliver.  Randomised testimonials, icons and hero images give the site.  Gateway pages give each section of the site a very clear context.

This was my first project with the successor to the Freestyler series (version 6  now known as Zeevo), and I have really enjoyed working with James, Amber and Darius at Decipha to help design the technical solution and train them in its use. 

Jenny Joseph and Bradley Hogan teamed up to put the website together.   On the surface, the site looks quite straighforward, however there were some technically tricky features to implement.   There are subtle features such as the auto-thumbnailing of PDF files.  There is also a client login area which uses our Wika workspaces solution.

We're really looking forward to continuing to support and maintaining this website.

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