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Crisisworks Brand Launched

Posted 12 July 2012 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

This week we've launched a new brand - Crisisworks - at EMC 2012 in Melbourne and we're very happy with it so far.

For quite some time we'd used MECC Central for the name of our product suite.  The name MECC (which stands for Municipal Emergency Coordination Centre) represented our software's origins, but is a term used primarily in Victoria.

It was also pointed out to us by many customers that the MECC mainly handles response and coordination in large emergencies and other areas, such as smaller incidents, relief and recovery were not always handled in the MECC.  

We've spent the last year or so trying to come up with a brand that , well - works ... for both our existing and new customers.  We wanted to represent all phases of crisis management, while choosing words that are positive and proactive, and we consulted our customer base to make a transition to an exciting new brand. Rather than become an edition of Crisisworks, MECC Central remains one of Councilworks largest projects and Crisisworks now areas for all kinds of emergency agencies, from Incident Coordination to Rapid Impact Assessment and Community Apps.

The updated website features our new look, including a new logo which incorporates MECC Central's bell symbol, but with updates to fonts and colour schemes as well as a new tagline - "Software for Emergency Managers".  

Let us know what you think ....